Tidelands Hospice believes in lovingly affirming the very essence of lives well-lived.

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For decades, families have called upon hospice agencies like ours to care for loved ones with life-limiting illnesses. Such families understandably seek caregivers who focus on the quality of life, not the inevitability of death. After all, life is a transcendent journey, and every stage of that journey, including its end, is precious.

Tidelands is dedicated to preserving dignity and providing expert care with genuine respect and compassion. Warm, meaningful relationships with patients and their families are a priority. And we are guided specifically by the personal wishes of the family, not the rules or conventions of others.

Registered nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, bereavement experts and a medical director form a team that is strengthened by dozens of carefully-trained volunteers. This team provides physical, emotional, social and spiritual care, while honoring each patient's individual plan of care.

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